​​Autumn Manor and Simi Valley Residential Care


The facility dining areas are set up differently in each facility.  They are well lit up with open concept to encourage good appetite on the residents.  It is decorated as simple as possible to it does not create clutter and confusion on our frail elderly.  The area is spacious to accommodate wheelchairs and other medical equipment they may have to assist them in their mobility.


Our facility provide home cooked food.  All meals are prepared from fresh vegetable and meat.  The meals are well planned to provide a well balance nutrition.

It is a part of our evaluation and interview  process of residents, prior to admission, that we asked a list of their favorite food. We believe that keeping their stomach content will make them happy residents.  We try to provide the food that they will eat and be healthy.  It is in this stage that their digestive system needs more fibers and fluids, with that in mind, we monitor the input and output and their level of comfort.

The meals are prepared as ordered by the resident's doctor.  The staff makes it appoint that resident is aware of the type of diet their doctor ordered for them.  

The residents are encourage to request a different menu if the menu being served does not meet their pallet at the time.  The facility will try to meet the request as possible.


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