​​Autumn Manor and Simi Valley Residential Care

Understanding the Disease Process

Our residents are welcome to our facilities during their aging process, disease process and in the most challenging condition as the disease progresses.  We coordinate care plans with the home health agencies or hospice agencies who will assist in the resident's long-term stay at our facilities.   Our commitment to provide care and services to our community extends to the end stage of life.

The facility continues to offer training to staff and support to family in understanding different diagnoses of the residents.  An open communication line is encouraged between the resident/family members and the facility staff for a better relationship during crisis.


Residents with dementia are welcome in our facilities.  A proven study states that resident with dementia thrives most in a smaller environment with minimal changes of staff.  The facility staff undergo training hours as required by the Department of Social Services.  In addition to the required hours, continuous training is provided to better understand the disease.  Dementia residents' symptoms and manifestations differ individually.  Family's feedback, input and cooperation will help our staff provide the care they need in our facility. 


As our residents are admitted, the facility staff are made aware of their medical history and current diagnosis.  The staff are trained on the different medications, the purpose and use, side effects and untoward effects.  The staff are trained to monitor the physical condition of the resident.  The staff are also trained to communicate with the residents' primary care physicians on any observations and change in conditions they have noted.