Our facilities are equipped with assistive devise and medical equipment for the purpose of promoting safety for both our residents and staff.  Hydraulic lifts and stand up lifts are available for the residents use in mobility.  Doctor's order and physical therapy evaluation are required prior to use of our in house assistive device or medical equipment.

Simi Valley Residential Care @ Bryson
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Autumn Manor @ Atherwood
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Autumn Manor @ Highgate

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Simi Valley Residential Care @ Mellow Lane

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Alarm systems are installed in all exits of the facilities for safety including the outdoor gates.  

Fire Sprinkler System is set up in the facilities as additional safety measure.  The fire sprinkler system allows us to accept and retain bedridden residents in the facilities as approved by the Department of Social Services/Community Care Licensing and the County Fire Marshall.


All facilities are set up with cheerful surroundings, beautiful flowers and sceneries. Pleasant and serene landscape allows our resident to enjoy nature. Pathways allow our residents to exercise and walk to maintain strength and functions.

Fruit trees are incorporated in the landscape for our residents to enjoy.  Giving them the opportunity to watch the trees bear fruit as they did during their early years.  It is also fulfilling for our residents to experience harvesting the fruits and enjoy eating them as they did when on their early years.

 Patio areas and other sitting areas are provided for privacy during family visits or resident celebrations.  A homey atmosphere is provided with security and safety as a priority . 


Our facilities are single family homes.  Each facility has been remodeled and revised for handicap accessibility.  Direct exits from bedrooms and living areas for emergency and safety features. Doorways are widened for wheelchair and gurney accessibility.

 It allows our residents to be able to be in their preferred personalized bedrooms by using their own furniture and wall hangings.  it is our philosophy that the feeling of security and comfort can only be attained when residents know they are in control of their surroundings.

Simi Valley Residential Care @ Lowell Ct
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​​Autumn Manor and Simi Valley Residential Care


Living areas and Bedrooms

The residents freely enjoy and use the amenities available to them.  Well lighted living areas and bedrooms to encourage happy life.  Windows and doors allow bright light to come in the living areas.  They also allow the residents to differentiate day time and night time thus staying awake and active during the day and sleeping during the night.   These help them with reality orientation.

Sunlit room encourage active and healthy living.  Window coverings are carefully picked to so it filter the light coming in the bedroom and living areas.   These contribute to a more comfortable, cheerful and pleasant atmosphere.   

Color harmony with in the entire facility encourages more relax and serene atmosphere.  

Autumn Manor @ Kentfield
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