The facility conducts training to all staff members.  All new employees undergo initial training program.  It includes:  understanding the disease process, understanding various diagnoses in order to properly provide care to the residents, 

Continuing education and training is provided to our staff.  We encourage families to participate in this training for better understanding of the care we provide and the care and services that their parents/family members need.


All staff undergoes extensive interviews and criminal clearance prior to training and hands on care on our residents.  

The facilities has licensed professionals (RN, LVN, CNA) on staff /on consult, to monitor the medical condition of the residents.  Upon employment, our staff undergoes initial training.  Continuing education and training is required for continuous employment with our company to ensure that we provide exemplary care to our residents. Excellent communication between the facility, family and primary care doctors result to good care.  Family is notified with resident's change in condition at all times.  Informed consent is acquired prior to treatment of residents. 

The facility does not offer nursing care.  Licensed professionals (RN, LVN) are mainly utilized as consultants to evaluate, assess and recommend treatment to primary care doctors.  The licensed professionals function within their scope of practice as stated in Title 22 Chapter 7 for Community Care Licensing.  

The facility utilizes home health agency or hospice agency to monitor nursing treatment as ordered by the resident's primary care doctors.  Both home health agency and hospice agency follow licensing regulations and facility's policies and procedures.

​​Autumn Manor and Simi Valley Residential Care